They met in a small Italian town of Canazei in the Dolomites. In recent years, the Dolomites attract young people from the entire Europe.
He is a young Italian designer, she is a student from Russia, being a ski tour operator representative during the holidays. Both are passionate about skiing and Italian cuisine.
Sun, skiing, and noisy dancefloors. Soulmates. Two weeks passed too quickly.
A month later, he came to visit her in Moscow.
The winter in Moscow is no obstacle for walks, if the fire burns inside your soul.
They saw a newlywed couple on the Patriarch Bridge. Tall groom in a suit. Fragile elegant bride next to him in a jacket flinging over her shoulders. It’s cold…
“Nice dress,” – he said, “but the jacket … And what kind of photos will they get?! Nothing to adore or show to friends.”
“Here in Russia, it’s not much warmer even in autumn,” – she replied, “but the number of weddings do not go down. Not everyone is ready to suspend a celebration until a warmer weather…”
The next time she was walking the same bridge as a bride in a wedding dress and a cloak he created especially for her.
That was not the end of their love story, but the beginning of a new story – Vicontessa.
Vicontessa – cold weather is not a reason to postpone the life for later.